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Reframing Soft Skills as Essential Skills for the Construction Industry - Podcast

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"Amy Powell finally said it: 'soft skills' should be called essential skills. Too many people assume that soft skills mean becoming soft or becoming a pushover, but that couldn't be further from the truth. There is probably no single greater impact on a project than clear and effective communication." - Todd Weyandt, Bridging the Gap Podcast Host

When you think of “soft skills,” what do you imagine? Do you think of them as having a tangible effect on the construction industry? Well Works joined Bridging the Gap Podcast host Todd Weyandt as they discuss the essential nature of emotional intelligence (EQ), having an effective “leadership mindset” in a cross-generational workforce, the concepts of “micro training” and “reactive training,” and much more.

The way Todd articulates his takeaways from these podcasts is impressive. It hits the nail on the head of exactly what we try to communicate and provide within the Well Works programs:

1. The True Essence of Soft Skills: I was struck by Amy’s statement: ‘Soft skills don’t mean you become soft.’ It couldn’t be truer. Without effective communication, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence, we tend to act impulsively, driven by emotions, rather than making reasoned, intentional decisions. 2. The Power of Self-Awareness: A critical component of personal growth is understanding not just our strengths, but also recognizing our weaknesses. This self-awareness is challenging to achieve, but it’s essential. Because when we understand ourselves completely, we can better appreciate the collective strength of a team. 3. Emotional Mastery and Leadership: Gaining control over our emotions and reactions is a game-changer. It’s only when we master this that we can truly lead and influence others towards positive outcomes.


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