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Training in Construction - Don't make it harder than it already is

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

This was such a fun discussion and podcast about training in construction and easy ways to get resources and information out to our essential field crews. I hope this helps those construction companies looking to improve training or easily and effectively get information or resources out to their field.

A huge shout out to Ron Nussbaum for the time and energy to build these and cast these out to our fantastic construction industry. Thank you for hosting Well Works to discuss this important topic.

P.S. Note to everyone who watches it: you are welcome, or I am sorry for my overly animated facial expressions...for those who have watched any of my Girl in the Hard Hat YouTube videos, you already know what to expect. I will tell you it's dang near impossible to capture a frame and find a decent still shot for these YouTube Thumbnails.

On this episode of C

onstruction Champions Amy Powell and Ron Nussbaum talk about how to make the everyday task and procedures easy for everyone in your company. We often over complicate it with a 200-page SOP manual that no body reads. It’s time to change that!

About Amy I am a design-build contractor, except now, instead of buildings, I design and build training programs for builders.

Well Works tagline is: Invest in the People to Improve the Process. When I was in project management, I recognized the importance of building the resiliency of our project teams to best overcome the challenges we inevitably encounter on our projects. Surprisingly, when I switched my focus to the people, I recognized improvements in the process, the project's success, and the wellbeing of the project team. I have lived and breathed this, failed as well as succeeded. So I left a job I loved to start a company I am passionate about, to help those within our industry thrive. 19+ years in construction.

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