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What is the well works leadership development program (WWLDP)?

The WWLDP is built to equip front-line leaders with tools and information on how to efficiently and effectively lead teams within our fast-paced, high-stress industry. 

Delivered in bite-sized manageable blocks, this 12-week-mobile-based program is built to work with our hectic schedules by providing actionable resources relevant to everyday construction challenges. Participants further cement the content through a weekly discussion with 5-10 other industry members (cohort).

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Designed to address the construction industries largest challenge


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- Condensed project schedules 

- Tighter budgets and tolerances

- Skilled labor and material shortages

- Knowledge transfer loss from those retiring

- Ever-changing regulatory requirements

- high-turnover

The weight of these hefty challenges contributes to our industry's largest challenge of stress, burnout, and suicide rates of our workers; overall well-being.

Now more than ever, our team, crew, and project leaders need to be equipped to navigate these challenges while managing and leading their teams confidently. 

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The program is broken down into four quarters, each consisting of 3-weeks: 


Quarter 1: The Structure and Overviews (Division 1)

An introduction to the different leadership styles, redefining intelligence, clarifying what a "good" or "successful" leader is, figuring out what our inherent strengths are and what all this means for us within the construction industry.


Quarter 2: The Foundation - The Leader (Yourself).

Information on what is going on inside our heads and why we react differently in certain situations, what motivates us, and a leadership maintenance schedule to help with stress, being overloaded, and exhaustion.


Quarter 3: The Building - The Team (Other people).

What motivates others, what demoralizes them, how trust is built, what THEIR default mode looks like, and a measurement tool to gauge our team's health to know when to take action to maximize the success of our teams.


Quarter 4: The Finishes – Helpful Leadership Tools 

Conflict, difficult discussions, public speaking, how to get others and ourselves out of a "mind lock" for more productive conversations, and larger industry challenges to be aware of as leaders in the industry. 

What Type of Content is Covered?

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Mission Example 2
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Mission Example 9
Mission Example 10
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who should sign up for the wwldp?

Anyone who leads others within the industry including, but not limited to:
Project Managers
operation managers
Maintenance crew leaders

Construction team leaders

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Any and all sectors

The best but also the hardest part of our industry is by far the people.
This program is built for any and all sectors as we all work with people. 

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Varying levels of experience

There is a minimum requirement of 3 years experience with or within the construction industry. 
Anyone with 3-99 years of industry experience who have the privilege and responsibility of leading and motivating others. 

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Motivated individuals

This program is built to develop both personal and professional skills. 
sign up individually, as an employee representing a company or with a group of people, as long as there is a willingness and motivation to learn. 

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When is it offered?

There are 3 different 12-week* sessions offered throughout the year. These are scheduled strategically throughout the year to best accommodate those who work in construction. We recommend considering joining whichever program works best WITH your schedule instead of AGAINST it.  Set yourself up for success by avoiding an overlap of this program with project start-ups or closeouts if at all possible.

*While the WWLDP consists of 12 weeks of content, each program includes a buffer week that extends the overall duration to 13 weeks. This is to accommodate some of the 4-day work-weeks, but also, because "construction happens," this allows participants a week to catch up, take a break or dig into content further if needed.

January 7 - April 8

Registration is now open!
closes 12/17/2021

April 15 - July 15

Registration opens in january

August 5 - November 4

Registration opens in april

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How much does it cost and what is included?

Below are three different pricing options for the WWLDP; The Individual Package, The Cohort Package for groups of 5-10, and The Trainer's Package for companies who would like to implement the WWLDP to multiple crews within their company. Click on an option below to see what all is included in each package.  

Individual Package

12 Weeks

1- Seat / Individual Access to an upcoming WWLDP

Price Per Person:


Trainer's Package

1 Year

Coach Access to the WWLDP and a designated amount of participant seats

Price Per Person:

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Cohort Package

12 Weeks

Group Access (5-10 seats) to an upcoming WWLDP

Price Per Person:


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How is it delivered?

The WWLDP content is accessible from any mobile device whenever works best for you throughout the week and wherever you may be, whether in the field, in the truck, at home, or in the office. 

The 45-minute weekly virtual cohort discussions are predetermined by the cohort members to best accommodate their schedules. 

Content is delivered using a mix of different media including, photos, videos, interactive worksheets, printable resource sheets, reading, and links to additional resources.