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Dedicated to improving the well-being of those working in construction through training, learning, development, and coaching.

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Construction Leadership and Communication Training Programs, Services, Coaching and Consulting

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Leadership Development Program

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Upcoming Programs:

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Program Kick-off: September 9, 2024

Program completion: December 12, 2024

Registration Deadline: August 16, 2024

We offer Custom Cohorts and Enterprise Packages too!

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Leadership Development Program for Construction Field, Crew, and Project Leaders

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Executive, L&D, HR Workshops, and Consulting Focused on Improving or Building Internal Training. 

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Free construction industry learning resources, including published articles, podcasts, webinars, and training.

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Construction Leadership Development Program Overview

The Well Works Leadership Development Program (WWLDP) is an online training program built to equip front-line construction leaders with tools and information to efficiently and effectively communicate with and lead our project teams in our demanding and fast-paced industry. 

It is a high-quality, coach-led, online program delivered in bite-sized micro-learning blocks. This 12-week program is specifically built using first-hand construction experience to work with our hectic schedules (not against them) by providing actionable resources relevant to everyday construction challenges without ever having to leave the job site.

Crew members further cement (retain and apply) the content through a weekly, industry coach-led, live-video discussion with 5-10 other industry members (cohort).

We offer Invoicing, Custom Cohort Packages, and Enterprise Packages too!

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What past crew members are saying

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"We are challenged to manage these projects, but really what we are doing is leading a team. Leadership is not something I ever thought of as a learned skill but the first take away from the program for me was that leadership is most definitely a skill that can be learned, improved upon, and requires constant evaluation and training to be better; no different than our efforts at scheduling, writing RFI’s, or managing safety & stormwater. The program introduces and familiarizes the participant with the why’s and how’s of leadership, starting with the individual through the team. Week by week it builds from the foundations of leadership through the practice of leadership, daily, on our projects. From understanding what is important to us and how we currently lead, to how to better lead and influence those teams we are entrusted with."
Commercial GC Superintendent
Pioneer Crew - Fall '21
Who Should Enroll
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who should enroll in this online construction training program?

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Anyone who works within the construction industry. It is optimized to reach your field leaders, those wearing hard hats every day, including foremen, Tradesmen, Superintendents, and Assistant Superintendents.


Previous crew members have included General Supers, Foreman, Crew Leads, Estimators, Engineers, Project Managers, and Executives.

Trades have included steel, electrical, glass, pre-cast concrete, GCs, and soil engineers. 

Anyone who wants to interact more effectively with their teams, colleagues, clients, direct reports, and superiors. Individuals who need to get things done through others. *Note that there is a minimum of 3 years experience with or within the industry. 

How the Well works training program works

Mobile Devices


100% online

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90-120 minutes per week

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Calendar and Clock

program duration

13 weeks
(including buffer week)

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Weekly 45 minute facilitated cohort discussions 

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cohort size

5 - 10 crew members

Gear path and checkbox


Guided facilitation using paced micro-learning missions

How it works
Upcoming Programs

What Type of Content is Covered in the well works leadership development program?

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The program is broken down into four quarters, each consisting of 3-weeks: 


Quarter 1: The Structure and Overviews (Division 1)

An introduction to the different construction leadership styles, redefining intelligence, clarifying what a "good" or "successful" leader is, figuring out what our inherent strengths are and what all this means for us within the construction industry.


Quarter 2: The Foundation - The Leader (Yourself).

Information on what is going on inside our heads and why we react differently in certain situations, what motivates us, and a leadership maintenance schedule to help with stress, being overloaded, and exhaustion.


Quarter 3: The Building - The Team (Other people).

What motivates others, what demoralizes them, how trust is built, what THEIR default mode looks like, and a measurement tool to gauge our team's health to know when to take action to maximize the success of our teams.


Quarter 4: The Finishes – Helpful Leadership Tools 

Conflict, difficult discussions, public speaking, how to get others and ourselves out of a "mind lock" for more productive conversations, and larger industry challenges to be aware of as leaders in the industry. 

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Meet our Well works leadership development program Industry Coaches

Black and White Headshot

Founder, Owner, Program Designer & Industry Coach

Years in Industry: 19+

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Black and White Headshot

Industry Coach

Years in Industry: 30+

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Black and White Headshot

Industry Coach

Years in Industry: 37+

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Matt Powell

Co-Owner & Operations Management Consulting 

Years in Industry: 21+

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Black and White Headshot

Industry Coach

Years in Industry: 36+

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Black and White Headshot

Industry Coach

Years in Industry: 10+

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Black and White Headshot

Industry Coach

Years in Industry: 31+

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Black and White Headshot

Industry Coach

Years in Industry: 7+

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