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Program Overview

The WWLDP is built to equip front-line construction leaders with tools and information to efficiently and effectively lead our teams within our fast-paced, high-stress industry. 

This mobile-based, micro-learning program is specifically built using first-hand construction experience to work with our hectic schedules (not against them) by providing actionable resources relevant to everyday construction challenges without ever having to leave the job site.

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upcoming programs

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Open enrollment is available two different times a year; Winter, which starts in January, and Fall, which starts in August. 
With the Custom Cohort Package, you can customize your start date based on whatever works best for your crews. 

We recommend considering joining whichever program works best WITH your schedule instead of AGAINST it. Set yourself up for success by avoiding an overlap of this program with project start-ups or closeouts if at all possible.

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* Registration open

January - April

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August - November

* Registration opens Summer 

How it works

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100% online



90-120 minutes per week

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program duration

13 weeks
(including buffer week)

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Weekly 45 minute facilitated cohort discussions 


cohort size

5 - 10 crew members

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Guided facilitation using paced micro-learning missions


investment / Cost

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Individual Package


1- Seat / Individual Access to an upcoming WWLDP


Custom Cohort Package

Starting at $1,450

Flexible start-dates, flexible distribution. Min. of 10 participants.

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Program Designer, Coach and Facilitator

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Amy Powell

Amy is the owner and founder of Well Works, has over 18 years of construction experience, a Bachelor's in Construction Management, a Master's in Adult Education and Training, and a passion for building up and supporting individuals who work within the construction industry...

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who should enroll?

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Foreman, Superintendents, mid to upper-level managers, high potentials, and senior leaders from any construction industry sector. Leaders seeking to improve the performance of themselves and their teams. Any manager or individual contributor who needs to be more effective in interacting with their teams, colleagues, clients, direct reports, and superiors. Individuals who need to get things done through others. *Note that there is a minimum of 3 years experience with or within the industry. 

What crew members are saying

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"As part of the 'Old Guard' being in the industry for 34 years, I got the opportunity to learn more about myself and people so I can take this new knowledge and apply it right away."
Commercial GC General Superintendent
Cohort 002 - Winter '22

What Type of Content is Covered?

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The program is broken down into four quarters, each consisting of 3-weeks: 


Quarter 1: The Structure and Overviews (Division 1)

An introduction to the different leadership styles, redefining intelligence, clarifying what a "good" or "successful" leader is, figuring out what our inherent strengths are and what all this means for us within the construction industry.


Quarter 2: The Foundation - The Leader (Yourself).

Information on what is going on inside our heads and why we react differently in certain situations, what motivates us, and a leadership maintenance schedule to help with stress, being overloaded, and exhaustion.


Quarter 3: The Building - The Team (Other people).

What motivates others, what demoralizes them, how trust is built, what THEIR default mode looks like, and a measurement tool to gauge our team's health to know when to take action to maximize the success of our teams.


Quarter 4: The Finishes – Helpful Leadership Tools 

Conflict, difficult discussions, public speaking, how to get others and ourselves out of a "mind lock" for more productive conversations, and larger industry challenges to be aware of as leaders in the industry. 

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