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Jack's House

A construction activity built for kiddos

Kids wearing hard hats - pretend play

This was an activity I created to be presented to my sisters 1st grade class and at the time, my sons kindergarten class. We were not able to present this in person at my sons school due to COVID-19 so I have decided to convert it into an interactive video that can be used by teachers, parents, superheros, whoever needs it at this time! Enjoy, I hope the kiddos find this activity fun and engaging!

Below is a video built for little ones to introduce them to the construction industry. In this video, they get an opportunity to be a part of a construction team as an estimator to help count and order materials, and help us build a new house for Jack! The video is about 15 minutes long but is meant to be engaging and have optional blueprints or worksheets that can be printed below for them to work-along with the video. I have also provided an excel version of the worksheet if you would like to personalize this activity and tweak it to go along with any lesson plans, requirements or even make it a bit more challenging (multiplication) if you would like.

The Video

Parent / Teacher Notes

The photo to the right is the end product elevation of Jack’s house built in the video, the layout of the house on the floor and the roof is not shown on the blueprints (meant to keep the creativity for the kiddos) but realized that if some kids are building along who may be prone to frustration if it isn’t like the video (my son), they can be guided ahead of time if needed. Also, the blue wall and red wall can be on either the inside (near the tree) or outside (away from the tree).

Photo of elevation of jacks lego house

Also below are the blueprints, a printable worksheet and editable worksheet if you would like to create your own lesson for this video.

Activity Sheets

This worksheet will help your little one count along with the video, practice their colors and writing of numbers as well as addition.

These are the ‘blueprints’ that can also be used as a worksheet. There is a space for them to help count, add and write their numbers during the video.

This is the excel version of the sheet if you would like to make any adjustments based on your kiddos skill level.

Photo of lego counts for jacks house.

Material count to build-along. If you happen to have a stash of Lego’s like we do, feel free to get all of the ‘materials’ or Lego pieces ahead of time and you can pause the video and kiddos can build along with me!!

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