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Making Construction Fun Again Book announcement with Well Works Logo, coffee stain and ink blot

April 11, 2024


Dear Reader,

Making Construction Fun Again: The project, The Mission, The Book is fully underway!

I am about six months into the planning, design, layout, research, and writing. I have interviewed numerous experienced industry professionals across the nation and globe to capture their perspectives and "proposed solutions," and have acquired and researched books as far back as the 1890s on construction experiences and processes. It is exciting and terrifying all at once, but I am dedicated to it because I know it is important and needed for those of us in the industry. So this is an announcement as much as it is a commitment to those in our industry.


As we all know, quality takes time, so the book is not scheduled to be published until early next year, but I am happy to share the adventure with you with little snippets, snafus, and updates on "the final completion date" and when it will be published and released.


While this journey and the project will not be (and haven't been) easy, they're worth it. I am excited to bring you all along on a mission to dive into what our teammates, comrades, and colleagues mean when they say, "This just isn't fun anymore," and how we, as an industry, can rediscover and reengage the amazing and enjoyable aspects of our fantastic industry.




Amy Powell

Founder & CEO of Well Works

Recently promoted to "Master Plumber of Soft/Essential Skills." (I'll share more on this later...)

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