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About Well Works:

Invest in the people to improve the process.

We exist to help those within the construction industry succeed by learning more about how to work with and lead our industry's greatest asset, the people. 

Well Works was built to support and equip individuals within the construction industry with essential skills (i.e., soft skills, emotional intelligence, people skills, trust, respect, motivation, and communication) necessary to build successful people, projects, and teams. 

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The Well Works Leadership Development Program (WWLDP) is the current main program offering and is built to equip front-line construction leaders with tools and information to efficiently and effectively lead our teams within our fast-paced, high-stress industry. This mobile-based, micro-learning program is specifically built using first-hand construction experience to work with our hectic schedules (not against them) by providing actionable resources relevant to everyday construction challenges without ever having to leave the job site. Since it is mobile, it is available to industry members all across the nation. 

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Our Story

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Well Works was founded by Amy Powell, who designed, built, and conducts leadership mindset training for those within the construction industry. With over 19 years of construction experience, the commercial project manager turned Director of Training and Outreach recognized that the success of our projects relies not only on our management experience and skills but even more so on our leadership skills and abilities. This was when she noticed the lack of training and information focused on the "boots on the ground" leadership to best lead our diverse construction teams. 

Years later, she was tired of waiting and looking for the "right tools for the job," so she decided to roll up her sleeves, collect her MEd in Adult Education, and build the tools to equip fellow industry members with leadership mindsets that not only improve the success of our projects but also positively impact individual well-being, provide increased tolerance for stress, and increase our communication effectiveness, inherently improving our project teams.  

Meet our WWLDP Industry Coaches

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