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Portrait Photo of Matt Powell

Matt Powell

Growing up on a ranch in Southern Colorado taught me at a young age to be creative, goal oriented and how to utilize the resources on hand to accomplish the task.  Using this mentality over my 21+ years in the industry has been foundational in my success, building complicated projects all over the United States and southern Canada.

A large part of my time in this industry has been managing multiple projects and teams across the U.S.  When building concurrent projects in different regions, being able to communicate, lead and build teams is absolutely vital to achieving the teams goals and the customers goals.  

Midway through my management career a lightbulb went off when I started analyzing which projects were the smooth, "fun" and profitable ones and which were the dreaded, unreasonably difficult and tedious ones.  It came down to how the teams communicated, trusted, worked with and respected one another.

I love being part of a great team.  Whether I helped build the team or not, I truly enjoy to opportunity to work with good people, overcoming challenges and achieving the common goal.

Years in Construction:


Different Roles:

Business Owner

Director of Field Operations

Field Operations Manager

Senior Project Manager

Project Manager

Project Engineer

Assistant Site Superintendent

Field Foreman

Education & Certifications:

B.S. Construction Management from Colorado State University
OSHA 30 Accreditation

Where else you can find me:

I really enjoy being outside!  Camping, four wheeling, hiking and exploring is one of my favorite ways to spend my time.  Going on new adventures and experiencing them with my family are what I look forward to most!

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