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Photo of Amy Powell, Owner and Founder of Well Works

Amy Powell

Who am I? 

I am the current founder and CEO. I develop and implement essential construction "people" skills programs, workshops, training, coaching, and consulting for those working in and with the construction industry. 


My Story:

I have worked in the construction industry for over twenty years now. I was a PM for a fantastic mid-size commercial GC. Those of you working in the industry know that as a Project Manager, my main role was to support the project superintendents and field leaders to ensure they had everything they needed to keep moving on the project, including the contracts, materials, budgets, changes, and decisions from the design teams and owner. I loved it! 


In 2013, I had my first kiddo, and to create a healthier balance, I accepted the offer to adjust my role to Director of Training (and part-time PM). Both of these roles provided a critical perspective in that the success of our teams and projects relied not only on the management and technical aspects but even more so on the essential skills of the team members (leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, etc.) and that this type of training and information was greatly lacking for not only our office folks but more so for our critical "boots on the ground" team members. 


Years later, tired of looking for, waiting, or trying to explain to those outside the industry what we needed, I rolled up my sleeves and earned a Master's in Adult Education and Training. I then set off to develop a program to help support our industry and field leaders by providing these resources, skills, and information. This is how the #WWLDP and Well Works came into existence.


My role as support for those who work in the field still holds true today. My support has simply shifted to provide essential skills and tools. My programs and services focus mainly on essential skills like emotional intelligence, critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, decision-making, planning, self-control, motivational regulation, and self-awareness. It is strategically built and optimized to support and reach our field employees (Trades, Supers, Carpenters, Foreman, etc.). It is infused with neuroscience, social psychology, and cognitive learning tools but translated and delivered in a way that we can access, relate to, absorb, and utilize the content best within the industry.


About Our Inaugural Program; The WWLDP:

The Well Works Leadership Development Program (WWLDP) took longer to design and build than most of my past building projects. But, just like our construction projects, a quality control process was implemented before sharing it with the industry. A group of experienced construction field leaders dubbed the "The Pioneer Crew" went through the entirety of the program and provided candid and critical feedback, suggestions, adjustments, corrections, and perspectives to be added to the final product before release.

Years in Construction:


Different Roles:

Owner / Founder / Coach 

Director of Training and Outreach (Commercial GC)

Project Manager (Commercial GC)

Safety Coordinator

Education & Certifications:

B.S. Construction Management from CSU

M.Ed. Adult Education and Training from CSU 

Neuroscience for Business Certificate, MIT Sloan School of Management

Psychology of Leadership Certificate, Cornell University

Social Psychology Course Certificate, Coursera



ASHE Construction Certified

Where else you can find me:

Serving on the Professional Advisory Development Board Executive Council for the CSU Construction Management Department

Industry Columnist for Colorado Construction & Design® magazine

Girl in the Hard Hat YouTube Channel

Road Trips / Adventuring with Family and Friends


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