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Well Works Products, Programs, and Services

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Construction Communication Workshops

Our interactive communication workshops equip individuals with helpful tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of communication, arguably one of our industry's most challenging aspects.
We have a 1-hour Webinar/ Presentation or a 2-hour Difficult Construction Communication Workshop.

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Project and Field Leadership Workshops

Our interactive leadership workshops incorporate concepts and content from our full 12-week leadership development program to equip individuals with tools to help effectively lead different teams in construction. It provides a deeper dive into these concepts to provide a more robust understanding of how and when to use these tools best to be most effective. 

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Construction Training Reimagined Workshops

Bolster or elevate your current training or design and build new training programs to resonate with your employees or teams and maximize learning transfer. Our training-focused workshops help you translate effective adult training methods to create relevant and impactful training to best resonate with your field and project leaders and teams.

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1:1 Construction communication Coaching

Our 1:1 coaching offers a custom-curated training program with weekly live-coached sessions. The first six weeks of the program and discussions are pre-built and mapped; the remainder of the content and direction will be evaluated at intervals throughout the program and adjusted accordingly based on the individuals' and organizations' progress and needs.

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Construction Training Consulting

Along with experience in management and field operations of construction projects and being immersed within these project teams for several years, Well Works has developed, built, and administered training curricula, programs, and workshops on interpersonal communication, trust, emotional intelligence, and team dynamics explicitly for the construction industry. This experience and continual engagement within construction through industry-published articles, awards, and board roles all contribute to us offering comprehensive expertise and perspectives through consulting and different speaking engagements.

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Construction Field and Project Leadership Development Program

Online coached training program built to equip front-line construction leaders with tools and information to efficiently and effectively communicate with and lead our project teams in our demanding and fast-paced industry.

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