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Construction Communication Workshops

Our interactive communication workshops equip individuals with helpful tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of communication, arguably one of our industry's most challenging aspects.

We have a 1-hour Webinar/ Presentation or a 2-hour Difficult Construction Communication Workshop.

1-Hour Construction Communication Methodologies:

In this session, we will explain the difference between construction project management and leadership, the different communication methods, and when it's most effective to use the different methods based on whether you need to motivate by managing or leading (or both) within a project. When we better understand the why, we can more efficiently and effectively choose the how.

2-Hour Difficult Construction Conversations Workshop

The dynamic complexity of our industry inherently increases the number of difficult conversations that take place on our projects, job sites, and within our project teams. This interactive workshop allows participants to learn about and concurrently work through the typical stages and barriers of difficult construction conversations using one of their own recent or upcoming discussions as their workshop project. This allows them to slow down and inspect the process to determine which stage(s) or skills to develop further to improve their ability to approach these difficult discussions more confidently.

10-Hour Combined Workshop

Both can be combined and built-in with our 4-hour leadership workshop for a well-rounded, comprehensive all-day or multi-day workshop.

Your Instructor

Amy Powell

Amy Powell, Well Works' current founder and CEO, has developed and implemented essential construction "people" skills programs, workshops, training, coaching, and consulting for those working in and with the industry. With over two decades of experience working in construction, this Project Manager turned Director of Training recognized that the success of our projects relies not only on technical and management skills but even more so on our leadership skills. Tired of searching and waiting for applicable or accessible training, she rolled up her sleeves, collected her MEd in Adult Education, and developed products and services to support the most critical aspect of our industry: the people. 

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Amy Powell

Construction Communication Workshops



Online, Hybrid and In-Person Options Available

90-Min & 2-Hour, Combined 10-Hour, and Custom Options Available

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