About Well Works

Why We exist

To help construction companies build effective and efficient internal training programs, as well as help construction individuals build their personal and professional skills to help them become more effective and efficient at what they do best.

what we do

Training is our main conduit for communicating processes, procedures, experience and knowledge. Well Works helps increase the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of this process using construction experience, knowledge of how adults learn, and a deep understanding of how we, in construction, prefer to learn.

In recognizing some of the industries top challenges (see below), we also recognize these cannot be fixed until we help support and develop our workforce at a micro (individual) level. But we also recognize the inherent slue of barriers that prevent this important and helpful information from ever getting to the majority of our workforce! 


Well Works was built to provide 2 main services:



for employers

building or revamping internal training processes and/or programs

If information isn't effectively or efficiently getting to those who need it (conduit), or if it is getting to them but not sticking (learning transfer), the process may just need a bit of tweaking or revamping. Well Works helps with the conduit and learning transfer of content as it relates to what works best in how we work in construction. 



for individuals

Leadership Development Programs that include the some of the more difficult but needed 'soft skills' like leadership, communication and emotional intelligence

This program is built from construction, for construction. It is designed to be delivered in a way that overcomes typical challenges we encounter that frequently prevent us from getting information to those who need it or want it. In lieu of just copying and pasting leadership concepts and theories, content is distilled and translated in a way that we can relate to and understand it best, again, based on how we work in construction.

Why is training so dang hard in construction???

Watching the video below to find out. You may just find that you can relate... 

Top Industry Challenges 4 bold white.png