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Why We exist

Invest in the people to improve the process.


We exist to help those within the construction industry succeed by learning more about how to work with and lead our industry's greatest asset, the people. 

what we do

In recognizing some of the industry's top challenges (see below), we realize these cannot be fixed until we help support and develop our workforce at a micro (individual) level. We do this by developing and delivering soft skill training to those who work within the construction industry. Field, office, union, non-union, male or female; if you lead a team in construction, this content is built for you!

We also recognize the inherent slue of barriers that prevent this important and helpful information from ever getting to the majority of our workforce, especially in the field! We also recognize that training is our main conduit for communicating processes, procedures, experience, and knowledge. Using construction experience, knowledge of how adults learn, and a deep understanding of how we in construction prefer to learn, Well Works trainings are specifically developed to increase this process's quality, effectiveness, and efficiency.  

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What is the Well Works Leadership Development Program?
Check out our WWLDP intro video.