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Dan Rondinelli

I’m a passionate Construction Leader and Educator that is dedicated to sharing and serving others who are interested in advancing their construction careers. I’m licensed, certified, and accredited, with over three decades of commercial construction experience.

What I love most about the business is “the people.” Constructors are dedicated and hard-working. There is nothing better than working towards a goal and accomplishing it together. Team synergy is real, and 2+2 doesn’t equal 4; there is a multiplier that = amazing!

Years in Construction:


Different Roles:


Vice President of Business Development

Business Development Manager

Construction Executive

Construction Manager

Sr. Project Manager

Project Manager


Sr. Project Engineer

Project Engineer

Education & Certifications:

BS Construction Management, Colorado State University
Certified Cost Professional, AACE International
Class A Supervisor, City & County of Denver

Where else you can find me:

When I’m not building or teaching you will find me in my woodworking shop, snow skiing, lake kayaking or camping in our RV.

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