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David Johansson

I have been involved in construction professionally for almost 4 decades. I grew up farming, and building things was just part of the job description then- from sheds to greenhouses and chicken coops, so building things spans almost my entire life. In addition to my HVAC and Electrical training, I have built several homes over the years.

From the moment I had my first foreman position, I started reading about how to improve my leadership skills. I gleaned all that I could from the 'older' superintendents and project managers, and now I am one of those individuals!

As I moved up through the industry, I was always looking for unique ways to help field supervisors develop their leadership skills. Knowing that most of them did not read as much as I did, I found ways to synthesize the information that I was gathering and disseminate it back to them.

I have always loved how construction workers believe in their ability to solve problems. Now as a coach, I get to help them shortcut that path even more, making them better able to handle the stress of their environment while they "build America." 

Years in Construction:


Different Roles:


Senior Project Manager

General Foreman


Master Electrician

Education & Certifications:

IBEW Training
Bachelor's Degree Human Resource Management
Master's Degree Curriculum and Instruction
CTI and PQ Coach Training

Where else you can find me:

I love getting outdoors whenever I can with my wife and dogs, and we try to get away for a fishing trip every year.  I help my wife run a neurofeedback business as well as offer individual coaching and business consulting.  

You can learn more about us here:

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