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Construction Communication and Leadership Quicksheet

Thank you for attending a Well Works' Workshops/ Training Webinar. Please complete the form and click 'submit'. A download link will  button to download the 4-page PDF resource and reminder sheet (we call them QuickSheets in our program). 

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or if you have any challenges downloading the PDF. 

Map of our Main Control Center

A helpful map of 4 main regions of your brain responsible for different actions and reactions in construction. This also helps in targeting training or communication depending on our desired habits, goals, and outcomes. 



The different neurochemicals responsible for leadership, trust, self-control, etc. 


Opportunities to dig in and learn more

QR codes with links to thought-provoking questions, videos, and more information on topics including mindsets, self-awareness, leadership to help bolster your construction leadership skills. 

Hard hat with gears as brain and lightbulb

Well Works Workshop PDF Resource Form

Contact us for more information and a quote

Our owner and founder, Amy Powell, is happy to jump on a phone or ZOOM call to discuss your company or crew's needs and help select the Well Works program package or service that fits best. 


Amy Powell

Founder & CEO

Well Works

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