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Importance of Appreciating and Supporting our Construction Field Leaders - Podcast

Well Works was a guest on the Rebuild the Construction Mindset podcast, hosted by Jenna Hamilton and Kelley Huss, where we discussed the importance of our field folks in construction. How much work it takes, how intelligent they are, and how much they put into their work, not just physically but mentally, every day!

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Stick around for the end of this podcast as I provide some important tools to help maintain your leadership brain to ensure we are engaging those essential construction leadership traits like critical thinking, problem-solving, efficient decision-making, etc. It just so happens that our typical fast-paced, high-risk, and high-pressure construction environment, which most of us enjoy, tends to work against us to engage these essential leadership elements easily.

To follow along on how we can improve the construction mindset, subscribe to Rebuild the Construction Mindset wherever you listen to podcasts and follow us on social media.

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