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Construction is a lifestyle. It isn't an easy lifestyle, but it is worth it!

How do we explain construction to those outside our industry? This has been a continual challenge throughout my career. But with over two decades of being in the industry now, allow me to attempt it:

Construction is much more than a job. It is much more than a process. It's more than schedules, budgets, change orders, or the proper way to pour concrete, erect steel, finish drywall, or complete punch list items. Reading books about construction won't make you an expert. Working and living in this industry for 20+ years won't make you an expert. Construction cannot be mastered, and it's more than a skill or just work. It will continually test you, knock you down, and sometimes even knock you out, yet those dedicated to it will continue to get up, stand up, and still put immense pride and passion into it.

For those of us in construction, it is more life than work. At times, we embrace this, while at other times, we resist it. It's a love-hate relationship in which we live, breathe, sweat, cry, and bleed. It's an ecosystem as well as an organism. One that creates camaraderie and life-long friendships but has also ripped those from us that we care about and will remember and miss forever. It's a pain in the ass at times and a gift and miracle at other times. Construction is a behavior; it's a passion. It's an identity to us.

Construction is more than just an industry, a job, or work. It is much more than processes, profits, and punch lists. Construction is a lifestyle. It isn't an easy lifestyle, but it is worth it!

Thank you to all of you living the lifestyle out there! I appreciate all that you put into this industry to make it what it is.


A fantastic video that was the inspiration for this post is a short clip from Goodwill Hunting. I recommend taking 5 minutes to watch this. It is impactful and thought-provoking (and a fantastic mentoring example).


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