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High-Quality Online Field Leadership Training
built from construction for construction

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  • Essential skills and leadership training optimized for our field, trades, and boots-on-the-ground leaders.

  • Equipping front-line construction leaders with the tools, resources, and skills necessary to lead successful people, projects, and teams. 

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Well Works Leadership Development Program 


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Program Overview

The WWLDP is built to equip front-line construction leaders with tools and information to efficiently and effectively lead our teams within our fast-paced, high-stress industry. 

This coach-led, mobile-based, micro-learning program is specifically built using first-hand construction experience to work with our hectic schedules (not against them) by providing actionable resources relevant to everyday construction challenges without ever having to leave the job site.

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Anyone who works within the construction industry. It is optimized to reach your field leaders, those wearing hard hats every day, including foremen, Tradesmen, Superintendents, and Assistant Superintendents.


Previous crew members have included General Supers, Foreman, Crew Leads, Estimators, Engineers, Project Managers, and Executives.

Trades have included steel, electrical, glass, pre-cast concrete, GCs, and soil engineers. 

Anyone who wants to interact more effectively with their teams, colleagues, clients, direct reports, and superiors. Individuals who need to get things done through others. *Note that there is a minimum of 3 years experience with or within the industry. 

Who's it built for? 

Products and Services
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hard hat leadership workshops

Hard Hat Leadership Workshops are in-person or virtual trainings geared towards anyone working with or within the construction industry including trades, apprentice programs, field leadership, project management, maintenance and operations, public works, etc. 

These interactive workshops cover more general leadership, emotional intelligence, teamwork and communication concepts from our intensive 12-week Well Works Leadership Development Program. 

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Well Works owner, Designer, builder, Coach 

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Amy Powell

Amy is the owner and founder of Well Works, has over 18 years of construction experience, a Bachelor's in Construction Management, a Master's in Adult Education and Training, and a passion for building up and supporting individuals who work within the construction industry...

Leadership Program Testimonials

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"As part of the 'Old Guard' being in the industry for 34 years, I got the opportunity to learn more about myself and people so I can take this new knowledge and apply it right away."
Commercial GC General Superintendent
Cohort 002 - Winter '22
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