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Construction webinars & Training

Well Works has developed and been a guest on several construction-related webinars. Below are fantastic resources about essential skills like communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence.

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Construction Material Procurement (Submittal) Escape Room Training Activity

Hosted by Well Works

Access the submittal / material procurement training activity here

This construction submittal (material procurement) training activity was built to help teach and train project engineers and managers on this complex task for our construction projects. If you are tasked with managing this critical process, this training and exercise is for you! While it seems easy, it is quite complicated and includes many elements (submittals, manufacturing, scheduling, subcontractor buy-in, etc.) to ensure our materials are delivered to the job site on time. Ready to test your skills and see if you can get the steel to the job site on time by solving Well Works' "Construction Project Material Procurement Escape Room"?

Material procurement and tracking are vital parts of a construction project's success. It's the management materials. While the submittal process verifies the proposed materials are correct per the documents, we also need to know how long these submittals will take to be reviewed, returned, and processed, the materials to be fabricated and shipped to our job site to keep our project teams productive and efficient.

Video about Construction Submittals:

About the instructor

Amy Powell, Well Works' current founder and CEO, has developed and implemented essential construction "people" skills programs, workshops, training, coaching, and consulting for those working in and with the industry. With over two decades of experience working in construction, this Project Manager turned Director of Training recognized that the success of our projects relies not only on technical and management skills but even more so on our leadership skills. Tired of searching and waiting for applicable or accessible training, she rolled up her sleeves, collected her MEd in Adult Education, and developed products and services to support the most critical aspect of our industry: the people.

Well Works Company Info:

Well Works provides online and in-person training curricula, programs, workshops, consulting, and coaching for construction project and field leaders. Founded on over 40 years of combined construction experience with perspectives from both the commercial subcontractor and GC levels, these programs are strategically built to equip those working on our projects to bolster their essential skills (communication, leadership, EQ, conflict management, team motivation, etc.)

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