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We now have our steel on track to be delivered so that it is ready to go when the crane gets there to start erecting. This also keeps any trades following our steel on schedule and productive (of course assuming we have insured their material will be on-site in-time just like we did for this steel). Steel is one of the more challenging and critical materials to coordinate, plan for and manage because of all the moving parts.

One part of this that may have been missed is the need for anchor bolts and bollards before our actual steel. So while we were concentrating on the main steel package, if you notice in the schedule, the wonky bollards (may or may not be provided by our steel supplier) that are bolted to our foundation (not recommended and this was communicated and changed within this project), but also our anchor bolts. These can be drilled and epoxied later, but something to keep in mind to discuss with the team to see what is required or best for the project.

Although there are some things out of our control (like weather), anything within our control we need to prepare for as best as possible for the success of the team. This is accomplished by proactively determining this information so that there is time to prepare in order to find the best path moving forward.

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