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Nice Choice!

Although this is a seemingly simple option, sometimes it is a bit more challenging than we would expect…

We could demand it, and put all the pressure on our supplier to figure out a solution to the problem. It may or may not work as he may not even have the option or wiggle room to get us the days we need causing stress for them and may prove to be counterproductive to our effort.

A better approach may be to discuss our options with them as a team. This is not their problem, it is our problem as a team, so we need to be cognizant in how we approach our supplier. (Also, as a side note, how we have treated them and/or built or damaged the relationship with them in the past can really help or hurt us in this situation.)

So let’s contact our supplier to see if there is anything they can do to expedite the process on their end to get us the days we need to maintain our schedule! Phone call is best, but for the sake of this exercise let’s write an e-mail…

Keep an eye out at the end of the worksheet for a response...

Based on the response after you sent the e-mail…does this now put our steel at the job-site on-time?

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