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Nice Choice!

So lets think this through…we only have 14 weeks until steel is needed, but currently looking at 15 weeks before it ACTUALLY gets there. This calculation is pretty simple right?


We need to look at our options. We, as the GC, only have 5 days to review the shops. We cannot eliminate our review time because then we would not have time to dig into them as much as we need to. If we aren’t thoroughly reviewing these shops there is potential for mistakes once the steel is on-site or additional review time on the design teams side because we were not through enough.

Our best bet would be to discuss our challenge with the design team to see if they can accommodate in anyway or would be willing to help out the team.

let's e-mail the architect / Design team

Keep an eye out at the end of the worksheet for a response...

Based on the response after you sent the e-mail…does this now put our steel at the job-site on-time?

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