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Well Works has been highlighted in and has authored many articles for different construction publications on recruitment, retention, advancement, mental health, training, communication, leadership, and essential/ soft skills within the construction industry. 

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A+ Design and Construction Teams: What are they made of, are they left to chance, or can they be intentionally curated?


April 15, 2024

Photo of competent and confident construction workers

What is within our control and responsibility to curate A+ design and construction project teams, and what is left to fate or chance? By A+, I am referring to the overall positive experience of working together as a team, separate from the byproduct outcomes of productivity and profitability. The teams where relationships are sustained and maintained long after the project's completion, whose camaraderie, trust, respect, and accountability are strong, and blame, egos, and turnover are minimal. 

It seems logical enough to say that these teams can be intentionally curated, but why, then, are these teams so few and far between? It isn't for lack of trying and desire on anyone's part, as we all strive for and crave positive work environments and team experiences. Yet many of us can only recall being part of a handful of A+ teams throughout our careers, which would imply a kink in the hose somewhere. A kink that I, along with Katie Barnes, a principal and managing partner at Barker Rinker Seacat (BRS) Architecture, are determined to uncover and remedy for the sake of our industry's well-being. 

While this massive undertaking will require many years, immense patience, and determination, it will also require willingness from fellow industry members to share their honest perspectives, expertise, and feedback. A fantastic recent case study and example of an A+ construction project team was that of the LINC Library in Greeley, CO.....Access link for full article.


Amy Powell, Well Works' current founder and CEO, has developed and implemented essential construction "people" skills programs, workshops, training, coaching, and consulting for those working in and with the industry. With over two decades of experience working in construction, this Project Manager turned Director of Training recognized that the success of our projects relies not only on technical and management skills but even more so on our leadership skills. Tired of searching and waiting for applicable or accessible training, she rolled up her sleeves, collected her MEd in Adult Education, and developed products and services to support the most critical aspect of our industry: the people.

Well Works Company Info:

Well Works provides online and in-person training curricula, programs, workshops, consulting, and coaching for construction project and field leaders. Founded on over 40 years of combined construction experience with perspectives from both the commercial subcontractor and GC levels, these programs are strategically built to equip those working on our projects to bolster their essential skills (communication, leadership, EQ, conflict management, team motivation, etc.)

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