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Nice Choice!

If there is a way we can solve the problem ourselves before bringing it up to the team then it is DEFINITELY worth exploring… Let’s explore options on our end and if there is any wiggle room or adjustments that won’t have too much of an impact within our schedule…

Lets look at our schedule again…this time we have added the ‘float’ column to examine our critical path. Float lets us know if we have a extra days (+) or if we are behind schedule (-) to better gauge any wiggle room within our schedule. Is there anything out of place, that could use adjustment or be rearranged to buy us the extra days that we need? We need to push our steel BACK to accommodate for how long it will take to process, so we need to look at our successors (activities after) our steel activity to see what we would adjust and who all would be effected.

Click below to view the schedule and then fill out the information in the worksheet below.

does rearranging the schedule gain the extra time needed to accommodate our steel delivery date?

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