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Well Works programs 

code of conduct

This Code of Conduct represents the standards and expectations that each member and their associated organizations support and practice when interacting with Well Works programs, discussions, and services.

Well Works LLC is committed to the personal growth, development, and success of those working within the construction industry, which intrinsically contributes to the improvement of the industry as a whole.  By bringing together the perspectives and expertise of a broad range of individuals, roles, sectors, and organizations, the program is able to provide a more robust experience and deeper understanding of the course material. 

As members of the Well Works, LLC community, our members, participants, clients, and facilitators are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes an inclusive and rewarding learning experience. With this in mind, we ask that all community members engage with each other and coursework with integrity and civility. 

No Solicitation
Any intent or enrollment within the program for purposes other than that of the development of yourself or your company's employees will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to; (i) recruitment of other members or participants for employment by you or your company; (ii) defilement of a specific individual or company within the industry; (iii) poaching; (iv) solicitation;  or (v) solely for the purpose of advertising, selling or marketing your product or service. 

Intellectual Property

Honor the intellectual property rights of Well Works, coaches, members, and other crew members and not record or make course materials accessible to anyone who is not enrolled in the course without Well Works written permission.

Interact with crew members, fellow industry members, coaches, and other participants with mutual respect to cultivate a constructive shared learning environment. Approach conversations and discussions with a willingness to understand and appreciate the other cohort members' different perspectives, viewpoints, and opinions. 

We each have permission to speak from our own perspectives about different topics. When listening or reading about others' personal information, please keep information about them confidential. We also expect the confidentiality of employers and companies as well. (Unless expressly agreed upon by the individual to share the information). Statements should be from that of the individual's perspective, not assumed to be the perspective or position of the employer.

Misconduct of any of the above may include one or both of the following: 


A verbal and/or written notice to the participant, member, or company stating that they are violating or have violated the Well Works Code of Conduct and immediate remedial action is necessary. 

Termination or Expulsion

If pursuits or behaviors continue to persist after the written or verbal warning, the participant and their current employer may be subject to further disciplinary action, up to and including termination, without a refund, and prohibited from registering for any future Well Works programs.

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