Well works leadership Development academy

The Well Works Leadership Development Academy is a 12-week program designed to maximize your learning and upskilling experience. While the content is still delivered and available to you in bite-sized pieces, whenever you want and wherever you are,  you also have a cohort of 5-10 industry members going through the program at the same time. We have regular scheduled cohort meetups throughout the program to discuss the content as well as impart and gain expertise, advice and questions from others in the industry as it relates to the learned content. This provides a more robust understanding of the content and provides examples of how the information can be used in daily tasks and challenges.  

What is covered?

- Building Trust

- Navigating Conflict

- Motivating Your Teams

- Dynamic Communication

- Instinctual Leadership

- Much More!


- 100% accessible by mobile device 

- Weekly self-paced, mini-blocks (5-30 min) in lieu of all at once

- 1:1 coaching

- Regular Scheduled 45-Minute Cohort meetups (Typically virtual. In-person optional depending on preference, location and local health and safety limitations)


This content is delivered in weekly self-paced blocks with relevant exercises that can be immediately practiced on-site. It is followed up with cohort meetings to cement the applicability as well as collaborate with the other members. This also includes optional 1:1 coaching to help integrate this content into your daily life.

Top takeaways include: Different Leadership Styles, Building Trust, Navigating Conflict, Motivating Your Teams, Emotional Intelligence, Public Speaking Tips (Project Interviews), and much more…

100% of this program is accessible by mobile device. Of course you can still access it through other mobile devices or your desktop or laptop computer, but it was developed to be available when you need it, where you need it. No more internet connectivity issues, challenges getting back to your trailer, or having "off site" trainings smack dab in the middle of a concrete pour. This allows access to the content whenever and wherever is best for YOU.

for teams or Employers

Have your own cohort?

(up to 10 people/ cohort)

for Individuals

While the programs are still under construction, you can be added to the waitlist to be one of the first to know when these are available and be offered a spot in these programs.


**Under Construction**

These programs are still under construction with an expected completion/release date later this year.

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Who am I?


Construction industry advocate with over 17 years experience in management, a masters in adult education and a passion for training and improving those who work within and alongside our industry.


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Who is well works

Well Works was built to make training and development more relatable and useable for the construction industry. Providing content as well as coaching on building your own training programs, we intend to make training more accessible and interesting for those of us who never really liked sitting at desks. 


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