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About Well Works:

Invest in the people to improve the process.

We exist to help those within the construction industry succeed by learning more about how to work with and lead our industry's greatest asset, the people. 

Well Works provides high-quality, coach-led, online construction leadership and communication training founded on over 40 years of combined construction experience with perspectives from both the commercial subcontractor and GC levels. These programs are strategically built for construction to equip those who work in and with the field to bolster their essential skills (i.e., soft skills, emotional intelligence, leadership, trust, respect, motivation, and communication) necessary to build successful people, projects, and teams. 

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The Well Works Leadership Development Program (WWLDP) is the current main program offering and is built to equip front-line construction leaders with tools and information to efficiently and effectively lead our teams within our fast-paced, high-stress industry. This mobile-based, micro-learning program is specifically built using first-hand construction experience to work with our hectic schedules (not against them) by providing actionable resources relevant to everyday construction challenges without ever having to leave the job site. Since it is mobile, it is available to industry members all across the nation. 

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Our Story

My name is Amy Powell; I am the Founder and Owner of Well Works. I have developed a leadership development program specifically for the construction industry (more specifically, to reach and resonate with those in the field). I have over 19 years of experience in construction, the majority being a Project Management role for a commercial GC. Well Works Co-Owner, Matt Powell, is also a construction professional with most of his 21+ years of experience, mainly in the Subcontractor realm. Over the past 16+ years of our marriage, most of our after-work conversations centered around the construction industry. While this sounds dreadful (leave work at work, right?), these discussions continue to be fascinating, refreshing, and energizing. Little did we know, over the years, this was building and bolstering a unique set of skills, awareness, and perspectives that would contribute to us starting Well Works.


Why Well Works? 

While throughout my career, I was experiencing the perspective of how our field leaders communicated across and up (with myself as a PM, our companies executives, clients, architects, and engineers), Matt was experiencing firsthand how these same field leaders communicated to those in their charge (as a trade partner and subcontractor) and how he communicated to his crews. We both realized just how critical a field leader's leadership and communication skills were to the success of any project and project team. 

Years after this realization, I got tired of looking and waiting for training on this critical skill set, so I decided to roll up my sleeves and build it myself. I already had the experience and robust perspective from Matt. 

I wanted to ensure the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the programs our industry needs and deserves, so I went back and earned a Master's degree in Adult Education and Training. 


Additional programs are being built, and the current main program is continually inspected for quality and adjusted as needed based on our continued experiences, conversations, feedback from participants, and continued education. 


We are proud to offer a solution to such a critical component of our fantastic industry. Invest in the people to improve the process.

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Meet our WWLDP Industry Coaches

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