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Well Works is involved in multiple aspects of the construction industry including talent pipeline, workforce development, higher education and industry improvement. We have a unique opportunity to hear about different challenges, viewpoints and perspectives regarding our wonderful industry. It is through these opportunities that we are able to learn and gain information and share this information here.

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Industry User Guides

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a user guide on how to do just about anything? While we cannot provide a user manual for everything, there are some things that we can help with. Below are a few that we have experienced and were able to build a user guide for those of us in the industry (just in-case we happen to need them).


Stress, Burnout and Suicide



You many not have been expecting this topic, probably because we don't talk about it much in our industry.


But considering construction remains in the top 5 industries with the highest male suicide rates, this is a serious and major challenge that needs to be addressed. I have personally experienced and witnessed the effects and tolls that stress has on those who work in construction and wanted to do whatever I could to help. This is what fueled my passion for educating and helping others, to not only alleviate the stress and burnout, but create and encourage pride, camaraderie and motivation within our industry.

Below are resources about this massive problem in our industry as well as resources to help gain awareness and/or help a friend, collogue or trade partner who may just need someone to help.


Resources for Stress, burnout and Suicide:



Construction industry alliance for suicide prevention


QPR Institute


Man Therapy

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Construction Working Minds

Articles / Books:

- Book - Stress management in the construction industry - by Mei-yung Leung, Isabelle Yee Shan Chan and Cary Cooper

- 2020 CDC Article: Partnering to Prevent Suicide in the Construction Industry – Building Hope and a Road to Recovery

- 2020 CDC Article: Partnering to Prevent Suicide in the Construction Industry – Building Hope and a Road to Recovery

- 2017 EHS Article: Suicide in the construction industry: The silent Killer


Soft skills to reduce burnout in construction video (3:07)

Our biggest challenge in construction (7:32)

Mental Health in the Construction Industry - Recognising the Symptoms (2:10)