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Construction/Leadership Skills Training

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ICC Course # 37227 and 37228

Please note that this course is a hybrid of live-online coached discussion sessions WITH access to the on-demand content, both of which contribute to the 2.20 CEU credits. 


This is a 12-week comprehensive leadership program that was built specifically for those working with and within the construction industry. This hybrid program incorporates on-demand content delivered in micro-learning blocks (2-15 minute learning blocks) with live-online weekly industry-coach-led discussions. It is built using first-hand construction experience to provide critical leadership and communication tools to our field, project, and construction leaders without them ever having to leave the projects, job sites, or the teams they are leading. In fact, retention and application of this content are optimized when it can be implemented immediately within their construction and project teams.


  • Participants will be able to identify and implement effective leadership mindsets/methods based on their different construction environments, situations, and teams/individuals by bolstering essential skills (i.e., soft skills, emotional intelligence, leadership, trust, respect, motivation, and communication)

  • Participants will be able to recognize common leadership pitfalls prevalent in our fast-paced, high-pressure construction industry and gain tools and know-how to avoid and get out of these pitfalls when we unintentionally succumb to them. 

  • Participants will be able to measure the strength of a construction team(s) and become equipped and familiar with different communication tools and methods to maintain or improve the team(s) if/when needed. 


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Each Seat Includes:
- (12) total weeks of guided and structured mobile-based content
- (13) 45-minute ZOOM cohort crew discussions run by a Well Works construction industry coach
- CliftonStrengths 34 Full Assessment ($60 value)
- (1) 1:1 optional coaching hour with Well Works Industry Coach
- Electronic access to program Workbook within missions
- Mailed Hard-Copy Workbook
- Leader Maintenance Survival Kit
- Well Works hard hat sticker
- Certificate of Completion 
- 2.2 ICC Prefered Provider CEUs


Need help selecting a cohort or coach?

Our owner and founder, Amy Powell is happy to jump on a phone or ZOOM call to help with questions, concerns, to learn more about our Custom Cohorts  or help in selecting a cohort coach or time that fits you best!

Photo of Amy Powell, Owner and Founder of Well Works

Meet our ICC WWLDP coaches:

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