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Instinctual Leadership

Join us for this virtual presentation on Instinctual Leadership presented by Well Works' Amy Powell in partnership with Sarah Moser.
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Instinctual Leadership

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About the Event

This presenteation is built for those who work with and within the construction industry (Architects, Owners, Suppliers, Consultants).  Leadership is hard enough as it is, so why not make it easier on ourselves by working WITH our instincts in lieu of against them.  While we may take classes or learn about how to improve our leadership skills, unless we practice them, use them, and BELIEVE them down to our instinctual core, we will not be able to effectively engage them when we need them most. Are your habits and instincts working in your favor? Is your communication in line with your instinctual behaviors? If not, it may be contributing to frustration and friction within your teams and making it a whole heck of a lot harder to be the leader you need or want to be. Join us in this presentation on how to recognize your instinctual leadership traits, how, why and where our brain picks these up and how to get those desirable leadership traits that we learn about down to your instinctual brain so that they work WITH your instincts in lieu of against them. 

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