Designing & Building Training

Training is the main conduit for communicating processes, procedures, experience, and knowledge. We need to make sure this information is not only reaching the people who need it most but in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

Well Works is a design-build contractor, except for training programs instead of buildings. We help AEC employers jumpstart, build or remodel internal soft-skill (people skills) training to maximize engagement, effectiveness, and efficiency. 

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We want and need robust internal leadership, communication, and teamwork training but are typically faced with several challenges that make it difficult to do so. This is where WELL WORKS can help.

Frequent Challenges:

"We need to create or revamp our training program but don't have the time or energy so it just seems to keep getting put off."

"Our processes and procedures are still hard copies, or only accessible on our server and not accessible to our field staff. How do we revamp this so that they are accessible and used by everyone?"

"We keep training but employees are still not engaged and don't seem to be retaining the material"

"We want to create and provide our own internal training in lieu of outsourcing but (insert any of the statements above here)" 

"We don't have an allocated budget for training, but we need training!"

Let us help!


Who is well works?

Well Works was built to tackle challenges specific to the construction industry. With experience and understanding of the stressors and frustrations of our fast-paced nature of the industry, communication challenges, and knowledge about how we as adults BEST learn, we can finally build training the way we need it and how we want it. Learn more...

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