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Well Works Services

Along with experience in management and field operations of construction projects and being immersed within these project teams for several years, Well Works has developed, built, and administered training curricula, programs, and workshops on interpersonal communication, trust, emotional intelligence, and team dynamics explicitly for the construction industry. This experience and continual engagement within construction through industry-published articles, awards, and board roles all contribute to us offering comprehensive expertise and perspectives through consulting, workshops, and training services.

Well Works Consulting Services and Topics of Expertise

Field, Project and Mid-Level Leadership

  • Leadership as a Mindset (not just a title)
  • Building trust and respect

  • Emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self -control

Teamwork / Project Team Building

  • What is trust and how is it built
  • Measuring and motivation implementation tools

Employee Retention

  • Understanding the why and importance of purpose


  • Interpersonal
  • Project communication

  • Conflict

  • Difficult discussions

  • Non-verbal

  • Written / marketing

  • Social intelligence and importance

Construction Training and L&D

  • Building, maintaining or remodeling training programs
  • Helpful adult education methods and tools

Employee Recruitment

  • Pathways and careers in construction

Contact us for more information

Our owner and founder, Amy Powell, is happy to jump on a phone or ZOOM call to discuss your company or project team's needs and help select the Well Works program package or service that fits best. 


Amy Powell

Founder & CEO

Well Works

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